May, 9, 2013

Mother’s Stories

mom1940captionandcopy_copyIn our line of work we hear some truly amazing stories of motherly love and dedication. Moms are teaching us from the day we’re born to the day they die, often without us even knowing it. We recently came across a beautiful story written by Ronni Bennett, in which she tells of being taught the most important lesson of her life by her mother during her last days. We wanted to share her story in honor of Mother’s Day. It’s a longer piece, but 100% worth your time.


Here’s a teaser:

He had called Mom into his office to tell her in person the results of the tests. He explained carefully and clearly, going over every option in detail, though there were, essentially, none. No hope. It took about ten minutes to get through it all, and then he stopped talking.

Mom sat quietly looking down at the floor, very still. She sat there without speaking for what, in other circumstances, would be too long. Just as the silence was becoming uncomfortable, she looked up and said to him:
“Are you telling me I shouldn’t buy any green bananas?”

Follow this link for the full story on Time Goes By.

About Ronnie: After years of research into what life would be like as she aged, Ronnie found a lot of bad news. As a reaction, she created a blog and started writing about her own experience aging. Since launching “Time Goes By” in 2003, she has staked out a solid spot in the blogosphere, garnering a following of thousands of visitors per day. No topic is taboo, and as a former TV and radio producer, her content is well-researched and well-written. She moved from Greenwich Village to Lake Oswego, Oregon in 2010.

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