April, 18, 2017

StoryKeep Invites You to Lunch

StoryKeep Lunch

Lunch is paramount at StoryKeep. Lunch, you say? Yes, lunch.

To me, lunch is a critical component to producing good work. Sharing a meal with the person or family we’re interviewing restores our energies. Perhaps more importantly, it gives us all a moment to reflect. We discuss what has been documented so far and what we want to capture after lunch. We often find ourselves swapping stories “off the record” over lunch, and in so doing, we build something bigger: trust.

I’m an avid cook, so maybe that’s why, in addition to lunches “on set,” I host quarterly dinners for the StoryKeep team. In the same way that families invite us into their homes to share their stories, I invite my cadre of film and book artists into my home to share a meal. We talk about what Storykeep projects we’ve been working on, why they matter to us, how we can improve, and what’s next. We raise a toast to the fact that we are immensely fortunate to do what we do – work that matters deeply and for so many reasons.

We look forward to sharing lunch with you sometime this year. Happy spring!

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