StoryKeep is led by a wife and husband team, Jamie Yuenger and Piet Hurkmans. Our film and podcasting crews include interviewers, cinematographers, producers, directors, sound recordists and editors. Our clients live throughout North America and Europe, so our teams are often a mix of locally-based crew members and other specialists who fly to the project’s location.

Our aim since 2010 has been to bring top-level film production – that which is usually reserved for Hollywood and other professional outlets – to the intimate lives of families. 

With the growing popularity of public podcasts, we looked at how private podcasting might serve families and businesses. As it turns out, private podcasts can be an incredibly dynamic and effective medium to help tell a diverse and evolving story, and invite more people into the conversation. 

Our film and podcasting projects often contextualize the past, but more importantly, they speak to you and your family in the present moment.  

Our services include: Short Sessions (at cities around the world), our Classic Legacy Films, and Custom-Quoted Films & Private Podcasting Projects.

Our unique approach has received accolades from Worth Magazine,, Modern Luxury, CNBC, Crain’s NY Business, the Connecticut Post, and more. We are a preferred service provider listed internally for clients at several private banks and multi-family offices. 

We would be delighted to speak with you about your project ideas. Please look around the site to learn more and be in touch to talk with us directly about the stories you would like to capture. 

Jamie Yuenger, StoryKeep Founder

I grew up in a family with secrets. I spent much of my life trying to unearth what they were and what they meant for my life. Luckily, I was blessed with a couple of natural talents: talking to just about anyone and organizing people. When I started StoryKeep, it was based on a single experience of having just one woman ask me to interview and record her father-in-law’s life story. She wanted it documented so she could give it to her children. She thought if her kids knew their grandfather better, they would understand their own father better. And in turn, themselves. It’s been over a decade since I interviewed that man, and I find the impetus people have to work with me (and now our very talented team) remains the same. They want to understand how they came to be who they are. They want their children to understand the context of their own lives. They want to honor who and what came before them so they can make sense of this moment.

I am still on a journey with my own history. The impulse “to know” is real and also hard to explain. But, it is there and we find this story-keeping and story-telling work to be invaluable over and over again, no matter who you are.

Piet Hurkmans, StoryKeep’s Head of Content