Family stories are the greatest heirlooms. We work with individuals and families looking to document their histories and strengthen intergenerational connections. Our documentary films incorporate original interviews, as well as illustrative photos and videos from your family’s personal collection. Our beautifully made books showcase your treasured documents as never before. Working closely with you, we determine the overall scope and format for your project. Of the seventy-five families with whom we’ve worked, none of them have been like yours. We look forward to meeting you.

“Our StoryKeep film captures the best of my dad. Even with my husband being a former filmmaker, there’s no way we could have made anything remotely like this. I’m really happy that my children will have this forever.” – Judith Lief, client

Examples of Recent StoryKeep Work

A sixty-minute video biography of one woman’s life story using footage captured on-site in three North American cities, complete with original interviews, digitized images, and tapes from her personal collection, as well as archival materials.

A 312-page family-history book spanning six generations, assembled from 38 family scrapbooks and photo albums. Twelve copies were made for children and grandchildren.

A ninety-minute tribute video to honor a late patriarch and matriarch featuring interviews with 52 friends and relatives.

A coffee-table book comprising 300 World War II love letters that we digitized and transcribed.

Jamie Yuenger founded StoryKeep to forge a new genre of storytelling, one that merges state-of-the-art filmmaking and book design with personal history. Before founding StoryKeep in 2010, she was a radio reporter for WNYC (New York’s NPR affiliate), the co-host of a live, daily TV show, and a folklorist. As the principal of StoryKeep, she acts as the director and interviewer on most projects. She also teaches and lectures about documenting family history.

Everyone has different gifts: Jamie’s is connecting with people of all ages and walks of life, from high-level politicians to salt-of-the-earth farmers. Her genuine curiosity and gentle style put people at ease. The conversations she conducts with families bring out vivid details, capturing “on tape” what you want future generations to know and cherish about your family.

Jamie believes that StoryKeep projects should be fun, revelatory, and a worthy investment. She carefully assigns book and film producers based on a family’s vision and sees that all of the moving pieces come together.