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Film is magic. It imparts a person’s spirit like no other medium. Our films usher you forward and backward across time and deepen your understanding of family.

We invite you to explore StoryKeep’s distinct film genres: Documentary, Historical, Organizational, Tribute, and Estate Stories.

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Ann Birks is a Montreal style icon. She’s literally one of the most colorful people you’ll ever meet (just ask Canada’s top newspaper!). Ann’s film is unlike anything we’ve ever done before. Whereas many StoryKeep films focus on a family elder’s life story, “A Sun for the Flowers” is the story of a woman in her prime. We explore how Ann became the colorful collector she is today and meet the artisans that have enriched her life and wardrobe.

Individual & Family Stories

  • Historical
    Your memories and archives bring the past to life.
  • Estate
    Your home’s unique story, history and relevance.
  • Tribute
    Who in your life is worth honoring?

Organizational & Business Stories

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