February, 6, 2012

How To Become Your Company’s Storyteller

Lately, StoryKeep has been  thinking a lot about the people and real stories behind businesses. We read a great article in Entrepreneur magazine last month titled, “How To Become Your Company’s Storyteller.”  One part of the piece focused on a chocolate company called Chuao. When Chuao first launched,  their “about” page was simple and straightforward. After a while, they realized their own story and Venezuelan heritage were a huge part of their appeal. Michael Antonorsi, the co-owner of Chuao, says in the article, “We always thought the story was important, because every time we told it, we would get attention, but we never capitalized on it enough, because we’ve been so focused on what we are creating that we never considered what our audience really needed to hear.”

This is the kind of company that gets StoryKeep tingling. These are the kind of business stories we love to tell. To see two Storykeep business story samples, click here.

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