Private Podcasting

Private podcasts produced by StoryKeep are designed to connect private families and their enterprises. They are a powerful tool to help people stay together, work together and learn together. Our private platform digitally connects families with high quality, thoughtful content which can be voice and/or video.

Unlike public podcasts, private podcasts are designed for an authenticated, select group of listeners. Accessible only by invitation, they can be strategically used by families and enterprises in a variety of ways, including:

– Sharing important stories and histories

– Educating the next generation

– Nurturing “togetherness” 

– On-boarding new members and married-ins

– Bringing a family’s mission and values to life

– Peeking interest in “boring” topics

– Supporting a continuing narrative beyond the origin story

How Private Podcasting Works

Private Podcasts with StoryKeep can be produced as a limited-episode series focused a specific topic (the family constitution, for example) or it can be an on-going communication tool that publishes regular content on a weekly or monthly basis.

For over a decade, StoryKeep has made legacy films. Our teams have worked with over seventy families and completed over eighty projects. StoryKeep developed private podcasting as a remotely-produced, no-fuss tool for families who want to communicate well and build for the future. 

Perks of Podcasting

Simple. Often audio-only, there are no lights, no cameras. Our team calls you, and you speak to us from a quiet room.

Reasonable costs. With no travel and less production demands, podcasting is an efficient and effective tool.

Intergenerational. Used as an on-going tool, your podcast invites a multitude of voices and perspectives. 

Tracking. Podcast listening analytics let you see what’s working: top episodes, listening devices, geographic, download numbers and more.

Case Examples

The Knight family (names changed to maintain privacy) used their private podcast to educate the NextGen via an 8-part series on Financial Smarts.

The Van den Berg family employs a podcast as a weekly tool for keeping their family connected across seven states and three countries. The Van den Bergs podcast serves as a communication hub, space for learning & on-boarding and an ever-growing archive of their family stories.

How It Works

To begin, we discuss your goals. If podcasting can help you reach them, we develop a plan for content. You may want to create a limited number of episodes –– 8 or 24 for example, or you may see your podcast as an regular tool to educate and nurture family culture. We take care of arranging recording dates, facilitating interviews, editing content, writing show notes and obtaining photos and other media content. We offer full service back–end management or, alternatively, on-call support as needed.

Who controls access to our private podcast?

You do. You have control over who receives an invitation to subscribe to your podcast. You can always remove people. Different levels of security are available.

What will our private podcast sound like?

You will always enjoy crisp, clear audio. Your content can be simple (un-edited interviews, for example) or it can be tightly-edited based on themes or topics determined by you and your family. You may want music, introductions, archival audio snippets, or other show elements. It depends on what you need and desire. 

What’s the technology behind it?

We use the same technology the BBC uses to gather news globally from reporters around the world. You need only pick up your phone, open the app and begin speaking with us. You can speak with us from any quiet location in the world.