February, 12, 2016

Rusi and Gover’s Engagement Story

The story of how Rusi proposed to Gover on a balcony in Bombay over 60 years ago is the stuff of family legend. StoryKeep was able to capture the story in gorgeous detail for future generations of the Sanjana family to enjoy. Check out the lovely 4-minute version above.

Rusi and Gover’s love story was at the heart of the Sanjanas’ StoryKeep project, which was commissioned by their children and included a multimedia documentary and a 168-page book.

“We wanted, not just for our own family, but for all our relatives and friends, to be able to capture that loving spirit of both of them and hold it for posterity,” their daughter, Aroza, told us recently.

We interviewed Rusi and Gover three times and turned the footage into 18 short stories, including one about their courtship and marriage. The proposal story, in which Rusi uses a racy joke to pop the question to his unsuspecting fiancée-to-be, is a special highlight.

The book we produced for the Sanjanas included stories and photographs from over 100 years of family history, going from Rusi and Gover’s ancestors all the way to the present. Aroza said she learned so much about her parents’ families, childhood, and life experiences.

“Now that we have [the project] completed, we have this feeling of completion, that we’ve captured so much for posterity,” Aroza said. “We can watch this on our TVs, computers, and iPhones whenever we need a little boost.”

Chances are you’ve got some amazing stories in your family (maybe even a few love stories!).

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