November, 22, 2011

StoryKeep Holiday Discounts

To celebrate the holiday season, StoryKeep is offering a 10% discount on all of our packages. We know some of the best stories come out during the holiday session – what about the time Aunt Polly burned the turkey to a blackened crisp, or when Johnny got a new BB gun and caused a few accidents? Let us help you preserve some of your own classic stories.

StoryKeep’s 10% off special is good until December 31, 2011. Plus, we’ll take off another 5% for projects paid in full up front.

If you’re wondering how to get started, consider Selected Shorts, a one to two hour recording session that captures your family’s very best stories – a priceless investment under $200. If you’ve been thinking to record the life story of someone very special to you, find details on our Lifetime Chronicles page or email us directly.

While you’re spending time with people you love during the next few weeks, consider the awesome power of stories.



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