May, 8, 2016

Your College Years: One Man’s Important Saga

College is where many people meet their spouses, choose a career, and make friends for life. So it’s no surprise that StoryKeep records a lot of school and college stories.

Since it’s graduation season, we thought we’d share a very special one from Albert Lasher. Al’s story is about the demise of The Vanguard, a student newspaper at Brooklyn College in the early 1950s. It’s a tale of friendship and standing up for one’s beliefs.

This four-minute clip is an audio excerpt of the 90-minute film we produced for Al’s family, which included stories from throughout Al’s life.

As you listen, think about the school stories in your family. What were your parents formative moments? When did they take a stand for what was right? Now’s the time to capture those stories.

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